Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Inspiring Song by Florez

My playlist randomly played a great song today - "Hold Me Down" by Florez. The album Find Yourself came out in 2003, but the lyrics are timeless.

This blog does not have the option of posting songs, so I made a simple video just so that you can hear the song.

"Hold Me Down"

I can't tell no lies
my bloods been shed
it's in your eyes
your hands are red

My shades are drawn
head hung in shame
I might be wrong
but it's your I blame

My strength is like an ever ebbing tide
and in my weakness I concede my pride

I let you beat me down

I'm at a loss for words and I can't speak
But I will scream and I will scream away

If you kick me while I'm down

I will quicken my resolve until the blood you spent it due
I won't be conquered by your hate instead I'll wait and let it conquer you

I will be strong inside
but will I survive what you put me through

eyes straight ahead
my heads on straight.
Hear what I say,
I will do better today.

My strength is surging like a rising tide
and my weakness took the place of my pride

I've finally come around

My mouth is full of words that I can't speak
so I scream and I will scream until I weep

If you kick me while I'm down

I will quicken my resolve until your punishment is through
I won't be conquered by your hate instead I'll wait and let it conquer you

I will be stronger
because I have survived what you put me through

But hold me down
until I break free and I will fly
but I wont come down
until I touch the highest reaches of the sky

But hold me down
under water till I cannot breathe
but I won't drown
I will rise up and I'll be redeemed

I meant what I said, I am a new man today

Monday, September 14, 2009

Colloidal Elements Series

The Colloidal Elements Series was conceptualized after I fell off a skate board in Central Florida. I took a ridiculous tumble down a hill and scraped my left shoulder pretty bad. My grandmother suggested I use colloidal silver spray as an antiseptic; it is her cureall solution to any ailment from superficial scrapes to arthritis.

The wound healed very fast. The result piqued my curiosity, so I did a little research to know more about colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold are microscopic nanoparticles that remain suspended in a liquid without forming ionic bonds. Both have been used throughout history as elixirs, though their actual benefits to human health are still questionable. Actually, if you ingest too much colloidal silver, it will turn your skin smurf blue - a condition known as Argyria. But that is not what inspired the blue hued woman in the painting above.

I was inspired by the image of isolation and suspension. The man and woman in each series are a visual representation of healing on an elementary level. They are the silver and gold.

Anyway, it is good to know that something good can come out of a silly accident.