Sunday, August 29, 2010



By Courtney Barriger

Solitary. Tall. Impenetrable

She moves as a force unquenchable.

Up ahead she sees 360 degrees

from a hilltop, shes four dimensional.

Shes the Queen of metropolis.

She'll tear apart this preposterous acropolis

before you can get on top of this

she will destroy your hypothesis

She's got this

Time for silence

break the chatter

eloquent senselessness

forget that it mattered

two-hundred souls in a can

can we fly over space;

bring our theories back home

to build a new face?

"Change' they chant

Change she brings

she says "forget yourself

to create a new being."

She'll plant the seeds

the whole world wide

births, lives, dreams,

Venus is love without pride

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That Tiger

Fatal attraction. "That Tiger" is a moment of peace in that dynamic. The tiger is still there, but she can rest for the moment.