Friday, December 17, 2010

Get Godfrey

And now... a product of boredom inspired by Get Carter circa 1971...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Photoshoot at the famous Thomas a. Beckett public house

Historical public house Thomas a. Beckett in London England was the site of a collaborative photo shoot between me and British photographer Steven Nyman. The house has a fascinating history. It is built off of the remains of part of the Roman Road, was once a boxing house where three time World Heavy Weight champion Muhammad Ali used to workout, and it was used as a practice space for David Bowie during his Ziggy Startdust persona.



Friday, November 19, 2010

Stuttgart and Baden-Baden Germany and Paris France

BANKSY: Paris, France
Visited a few places in England during my stay. Windsor Castle is a must-see! Inside Windsor Abbey you can stand on the tombs of Kings... which is probably the closest encounter I will ever have with a regent. We had to clear out early because the Duke of Edinburgh was holding a banquet.

A week long backpacking adventure was needed, so I trekked by train from England to the land of my ancestors: Germany. Stuttgart was teeming with protesters. Employees of Mercedes Benz flooded the streets with banners, flags and whistles demanding more benefits and higher wages. The more subtle demonstraters of Stuttgart 21, those in favor of the new railway station to be built before 2012, were camping in public parks in makeshift tarp villages.

But the city is beautiful and the people are very friendly. New friends and new experiences!

Baden-Baden is in the heart of the Black Forest, where my family history ends abruptly at an orphanage. Unfortunately my camera died and so I was unable to take pictures. But the Black Forest is the set of most of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales... so you can imagine the dark mystical scenery about that place. Yea... I felt at home.

In Paris I visited a friend I met in Miami and we toured all the right places: The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, San Michele, The Latin Quarter, Le Opera, Center Pompidou, parks, shops, and the fun Brazillian restaurant Favela Chic.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Valldemossa Mallorca Spain and London England UK

The Island has been a tranquil experience for me. It is colorful, fresh, antiquated and the people are very friendly. If only I could speak fluent Spanish!

Helena and I drove up to a small mountain village called Valldemossa to sight see for a day. The Monestary was once the summer home of Chopin in the 19th century. As a pianist, it was a rush to see a piano played by a genious composer. It was such a beautiful place.

Then I took a plane to London and took a train and a cab straight to Brighton/Hove to preparty with my british birds for Halloween. Fireworks, witches, cats, and zombies everywhere... it was almost like being in a horror version of Harry Potter. I was a dead ballerina.

More to come...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Palma Mallorca

On October 16th 2010 I bought my ticket for Palma Mallorca Spain. On October 22nd I landed on the sub-tropical Mediterranean island, the largest of the Balearic Archipelago. The island is a popular spot for travelers from all over the world... especailly Germans.

The architecture here is amazing. There are mansions the size of museums and the cathedrals deserve at least an hour of your time to comprehend their beauty.

A friend I met in Costa Rica offered up her amazing town home to me for ten days. We share her bike Costa Rican style when we go sight seeing. We are also a sight to see!

I started a painting of the homes of Playa Molinar. There is a pleasant beach and the perfect weather for comfortable painting.

And of course, the food. Helena has blessed me with home cooked meals all week. I have also tried a selection of great spanish tapas. Albondigas, chorizo, en saladia en rocha, polo croquetas, pescado frio and many more.

More to come!

Sunday, August 29, 2010



By Courtney Barriger

Solitary. Tall. Impenetrable

She moves as a force unquenchable.

Up ahead she sees 360 degrees

from a hilltop, shes four dimensional.

Shes the Queen of metropolis.

She'll tear apart this preposterous acropolis

before you can get on top of this

she will destroy your hypothesis

She's got this

Time for silence

break the chatter

eloquent senselessness

forget that it mattered

two-hundred souls in a can

can we fly over space;

bring our theories back home

to build a new face?

"Change' they chant

Change she brings

she says "forget yourself

to create a new being."

She'll plant the seeds

the whole world wide

births, lives, dreams,

Venus is love without pride

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That Tiger

Fatal attraction. "That Tiger" is a moment of peace in that dynamic. The tiger is still there, but she can rest for the moment.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eternal Bodies

I'd like to think that we have eternal bodies that function in a plane not far from our own. Our eternal bodies sing existence into being, forever in harmony with all living things past present and future.

Friday, May 21, 2010