Sunday, October 30, 2011


Kim Barry and Joey Thate are delighted to announce West Eleven’s first happening.11.11.11

They have invited , writer and creative visionary, Courtney Barriger, and singer, song writer, and cruel vocal temptress to ears everywhere , Rachel Borovik, to collaborate.

7:30pm Courtney Barriger discusses her newly published book, “NightBook” and will have signed copies available.

8:30pm Rachel Borovik graces us with a live set or two, (if we are good).

10:30pm Watch one of Kim’s infamous “choice” movies from her classic , obscure and always entertaining collection. Prepare yourselves for cloud pillows to lounge upon during the music and the film .
As always, Kim and Joey will have an interactive installation revolving around the night’s juicy and not so juicy moments. Details are under wraps.

Next door, Ryan McIntosh and Danielle Lange , open their space “Art Is Shit” for their 1st exhibit
Featuring new work by Brandon Andrew & Kayla Mattes
November 11, 2011 (One night only!)
Opening Reception 11/11/11, 6-10pm

Art Is Shit Editions proudly announces their first exhibition in their Los Angeles based gallery and print shop. BLOW POP will feature new installation-based artwork along with exclusive limited edition prints by artists - Brandon Andrew and Kayla Mattes.

BLOW POP looks at these two artists connection to nostalgia from the 1990's. By bringing back these relics and imagery from yesterday, both artists work appear to be a celebration, of sorts. However, upon deeper scrutinizing you see another layer that exposes the purity and sincerity within its irony, where every celebration is equally matched with devastation.

The first exhibition in Los Angeles by Art Is Shit Editions continues to promote the shops mission - to provide passionate art collectors of all levels access to premium quality artwork by emerging contemporary artists who challenge and push the boundaries of art today.

Art Is Shit Editions - 642 Moulton Ave. W12. Los Angeles, CA 90031

Food, drinks, and great company will be here This is an invite only event. We ask for your presence and we ask that you kindly bring a gift of $10 to help us continue bringing good times for you

west eleven
642 mouton ave w-11, Los Angeles, CA 90031


Presenting NightBook, a short story anthology. And my first novel.

This novella took three years to write, and has been a roller-coaster of a journey.

As small as the novel is, it is my greatest accomplishment as of yet.

It will be available on EBooks 11.11.11. And I will have hard copies soon.

Order a copy on-

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Something Sweet

Something sweet -
honey on toasted bread -
is a delightful distraction.

Something solid -
the walls of my castle -
could come down in an earthquake.

To me, a person to love -
something deep -
is the wind;
Flight over mountain and tree.

But where is this flightful breeze?
Must I wait for it to come to me?