The Bear Courts by Courtney Barriger

The Bear Court
Courtney Barriger

There once was a place called Bear Court.
Where they dine on fine honey and tart.
They twirl on their paws,
to much great applause,
for dress shoes are not of their sort.

In the court there is much Bear Courting.
The ladies do all of the sorting.
With a bow and a hand,
lead by the bear man,
they will flirt till the wee early morning.

Best dressed is the Bear Courtier.
She is admired where ever she stirs.
She has many suitors,
but if nobody suits her,
she will away to brush out her fir.

Take a trip to the Bear Court-of-Law.
Swear an oath with an honest bear paw.
When the judges decide,
hope the verdict is right.
And don't tell another bear what you saw.

Bear Court-Martial is fitting for a soldier
who did not do as the Bear Captain told him.
At a hearing he decides
which way he will sign.
It may be that he will just scold him.

Even when bear cubs are so curious,
bear fathers are always Bear Courteous,
He steps out to the air,
so bear cubs are not near;
bad habits near cubs make mom furious.

Lend an ear to the Bear Jazz Court-et;
the most happening band as of yet.
When the beat is a jive'n
you feel more alive in
that swing and that dip and that step.

Bear Basketball Half-Court-Press
will divide one bear from the rest.
Two of the friends
will try to defend
against one who is trying to pass.

Bear Tennis Court is a great bear workout.
A good place for the tall and the stout.
With every hit
the more tone they get;
they will wind down by eating a trout.

Worst of them is the Bear Courtisol,
the most misunderstood of them all.
The harder work gets,
the more he will stress.
And his madness will end in a brawl.

The day ends in a green Bear Court Yard.
Close at hand is honey by the jar.
After a good snack
it is time for a nap;
and bears dream till the rising of stars.


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