Ingrid's Grauman

Listen, the ceiling rumbles.
In thunderous movement above,
patrons enter the theater.
The footsteps crowd me.
Imagined darkness, but I can see
in the silence of my mind.

Under fluttering wings I preen.
The Chinese butterfly
is the ghost of Marilyn’s beauty.
I close my eyes
and a glittering past flashes by.
You are captured by body, the mirrors say.

Take control of the atmosphere.
Can I sweep through Grauman’s icon
with a purpose higher than the butterfly?
Quiet movements, well, I can find
I am captive by the sky.
And I'm calling out.

Would you take control?
And I'm calling out.
To be keen
enough to know liberty!
In focus,
I find wings.

I know it won't be long

before I leave it all far behind.

I move up through the darkest clouds
till I've lost, in the sun, every shadow of doubt.
"It’s the new Mother Nature taking over.

It's the new splendid lady come to call."

-Courtney Barriger- 
(The Guess Who)


This is a sneak peak of the seven piece transformation of Ingrid in Graumen's Chinese Theatre.  Thoughts and comments are welcome!


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