Reflection of India


made in the

 Reflection of India

Colorful chaos,
master-less masses,
assault on the senses -
All of these are

So that you can feel
all that comes at you
you must demand 

Here, silence is precious.

 Mulititudes of wandering souls.
None have my familiar thirst.
None satisfied, 
but happiness is found
in a meal, or
in comfortable cool nights
sheltered under a bridge
from the rain.

 Frightened eyes looking back at me.
A naked child with outstretched hands.
So many have seen it.

I am not alone
in wanting to blink it away.
But it will not go away.

Cold, clinical, logical-
how I want to see these people.

Watch my woman's heart 
and sorrow come to the surface.
Watch the cold unravel
pulling everything apart.

 Does it become me when I wonder
at how is all goes on
when I am gone?
Do I become sorrow?
Is this how I walk away, 
taking everything to heart?

God is found in mercy and compassion
These are those deserving it in wealth.
Yet, this country has many Gods.

 Most works have been abandoned.
Half built structures, bamboo scaffolding falling away.
Some are complete. Most are falling apart.
Doors missing.  Empty, open windows.
Creepers creeping in - 
visible and invisible.

 Independent of structure, 
accidents are more severe. 
A man missing a right arm
stares through the glass 
and points at my purse.
My pennies won't help him.

But OH! Wonders!
Monuments of a past age!
Inlay with rubies, onyx and jade,
the marble shines pink in the sunset.
Glories of a fading empire
built by a cast
unworthy to die there.


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