BearCourt contributing to 99 Histories and Mental Health

I am delighted to be participating as a fine artist and set designer for the up and coming play 99 Histories and Mental Health.  Being a part of bringing awareness and support to the community of the mentally ill is a passion of mine.  So this is personally exciting.  Please attend come show time!
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Artists at Play Founders
Julia Cho
Peter J. Kuo
Stefanie Wong Lau
Marie-Reine Velez
Associate Producer
Nicholas Pilapil

Production History
Ching Chong Chinaman

Edith Can Shoot Things
and Hit Them

Artists at Play Readings:
Iggy Woo and
Three Steps Back

Cowboy Versus Samurai

Artists at Play Readings:
Marabella and
She Kills Monsters

99 Histories
99 Histories and Mental Health 
A former employee of the Mental Health Association of Los Angeles County, Artists at Play co-founder Stefanie Lau shares her personal connection to the themes of mental illness in 99 Histories.

My first job out of college was working for the Mental Health Association of Los Angeles County. I didn’t know anything about mental health, so I had to learn a lot. Working on 99 Histories with Artists at Play has brought back a lot of memories of MHA. I’m proud to be presenting a show that explores the stigma of mental illness. It’s a disease shrouded in ignorance when the people suffering from it need help and compassion ... 
Read more about Stefanie's experiences here.
Only 1 Week left for $10 tickets!   A handful of performances are already sold out of $10 early-bird tickets. Take advantage of our lowest-priced special before they sell out--Offer expires August 21!



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