Naz&Court Preview at The Style Bouquet for STAFW - Beth Shankle Anderson

Los Angeles Designer Naz&Court A Preview of Designers for Upcoming St. Augustine Fashion Week 


As part of a series, in the next few weeks, I will be previewing some of the designers who will be showing at St. Augustine Fashion Week on March 4th – 6th.  I am looking forward to attending St. Augustine Fashion Week where I will be profiling a number of different designers while my photographer gets some great shots of their newest designs.  Today’s designer who I am previewing is Naz&Court.
Naz&Court is an innovative sustainable and socially responsible apparel brand made in Los Angeles who has been hailed “the future” of fashion by The United Nations.
Naz Harounian and Courtney Barriger began their vision for a sustainable future after collaborating and winning LA and NYC based reality show America’s It Girl.  Through fire and trial, they refined their unique aesthetic and paired it with their desire to make the world a better place. Aware of the impact today has on the future, Naz and Courtney are taking initiative to create new modern classic apparel with unparalleled dedication to sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing.
Photo 1(Photo © 2016 Cliff Lipson)
According to Naz&Court, the current garment industry is saturated with synthetic fossil fuel fibers and chemically treated organic materials that are processed in facilities that shed harmful waste into the environment, contributing to carbon pollution, biohazardous waste and disease.
N&C fabrics are cutting edge technology married with old-world craftsmanship, bringing the movement to protect our planet into everyday new modern classic clothing.
Photo 3(Photo © 2016 Cliff Lipson)
The co-founders take ease of wear into consideration when designing.  Naz&Court silk dresses have no buttons, snaps, hooks or zippers, they just slide on over the slip for an instant glamorous look.  The leather and lyocell are buttery soft to the touch.
Taking their commitment one step further, N&C have created the self-funded grassroots educational movement What’s on Your Back? The program is designed to inform youth about impact the clothes they wear has on the environment. When you purchase Naz&Court you are giving back and paying it forward.
PB8A8716(Photo © 2016 Cliff Lipson)
image001(Photo © 2016 Cliff Lipson)
image003(Photo © 2016 Cliff Lipson)
Photo 4(Photo © 2016 Cliff Lipson)


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