ABC's The Taste lacks Taste

Hosted by celebrity Chefs Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Brian Malarkey, the reality cooking show that premiered on January 22, The Taste, features all the usual drama of culinary competition–picking teams, food-related challenges, etc.  But when it comes to broadening the pallet, a new approach to cooking was shut down with all of the banal jib expected of reality-tv hosts.

An episode featuring two raw vegan chefs presented an opportunity for these icons of taste to try an array of delicacies that contain no animal product and is uncooked, providing the highest nutrient rich foods to the table.  When the meals were presented, the judges quickly showed their discriminatory taste and lack of sensing quality and flavor by passing judgement before the meal was even eaten.

Christina Ross is a raw vegan chef from Venice Beach who made a chocolate mousse with coriander, cocoa nibs and orange peel.

Before trying the dish, Bordain announced “How could I eat that? I want to vomit with terror.”

They concluded with rudely shutting the Ross away and making snide comments on her attire and how it was associated with her undesirable choice in lifestyle.

What the judges of The Taste have shown is an utter lack of the use of their physical senses and a bias towards alternative cullinary choices.

A raw food diet is medically proven to be the most healthy way of eating, providing pure unhindered power to the body that boosts stamina as well as brain function.  Many of the causes of disease come from processed and genetically altered foods.  Consuming them can lead to heart disease, diabetes, liver failure, you name it. For the chefs of such a widely viewed TV-show to mock the healthiest known alternative way of cooking is inviting ignorance and denial in the masses. 

Get it together Taste, and please have some.


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