Dramatic Monologues for Women (45)

Scene: Cynthia (45-years-old) a wealthy small town Beauty Shop owner to Ellie (18-years-old) new employee.

"Alright darling, that's the tour, it's straightforward retail, nothing hipster about it.  You know... you will do well here.  Your strangeness could be taken for exotic.  And you can't be event close to 28.  Oh, 28 is when the brightness in your eyes goes out, it's an aging thing and it's science, your eyes will stop making a chemical that give your corneas that youthful sparkle. But you have plenty of time.  I know at least twenty women who would skin you alive right now if they were told they could have their babyface back.  Thats a face we should take advantage of.  I'm going to put you right in the front of the shop, as a greeter.  You will hand out samples of aging cream and tell all these bats you are in your late 30's.  It will send their heads spinning!"


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