Monologues for Women (15-35)

Scene : Carla, a young woman living at home with her parents, confronts her schizophrenic brother Kevin through his locked bedroom door after he threatens her.

"I just want you to know... you did it... I'm scared.  And hurt... but you don't need to come out.  Stay in there.  I'm taking the dog, and since you stole my cell phone and car keys, I'm walking to Kristen's house, where I'll call mom and dad and tell them what you did.  You can hurt me, threaten me... but you can not hurt animals.  And... the next time I come home, what you took into your bedroom... I saw you... the only people who will come to your door are the people who love you the most in this world, or the police.  And if the police find you hiding behind a door with a machete, you will be the one who loses.  Think about it, please. Goodbye."


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