Monologues for Women (30-35)

Scene: Victoria (30-years-old) sits over coffee with an old mentor and friend Nicholas.

"You... you must know.  You've always known, haven't you, just as I've always carried with me the same truth for fifteen years - I love you - it's okay - nothing has to change.  My saying those words only frees us from pretending - just for now.  Then we go back to my occasional timid contact and your politically correct answers... I wish sometimes that we could break the roles we play just to see who we really are in each others presence.  Can we do that? Just be people who care for each other beyond what's called for... or... will I always be a pitiful lost soul, and will you always be teacher?  I've shocked you into silence... This... this space that I carry for you, it doesn't have to touch your life, nor do I expect you to ever show up in mine.  It's impossible for every obvious reason I won't bother naming.  But, in all of this, know that it's there, and let that give you otherworldly peace - love in another dimension."


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