Monologues for Women (25-35)

Scene:  Diana (25-years-old) runs into an estranged friend Zorah (25-years-old) in the grocery store.

"OH GOD... I thought I'd run into you again on my trip home.  But this is almost too casual.  Well, it's been five years, but I can read your twitch, you're more alarmed to see me than I am you!  - Wait!  Is that a twitch of disgust!  Can you really still think that you made a superior choice in gutting me from your life?  You lived in my shadow for a decade, and the second the world had a grip to take me down, you jumped on top to make sure I stayed down.  NO - You don't get to speak yet!  You exploited my pain, you bitch, used it to make me out as damaged goods while refusing to acknowledge my PTSD.  And yet you told everyone I was the bad friend to make yourself feel justified.  What the fuck did I do to you Zorah, other than no longer be 'fun' for you.  I should have left you as soon as I knew you were a leach."


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