Monologues for Women (20-35)

Scene:  Tabi remembers her journey to becoming a concert pianist

"When I was a girl, I was taught piano, like all of the other little girls my age.  The only difference, is I loved it, I mean it moved in me when I was alone, walking to the beat of my footsteps, a song would form.  Then I would run to the piano to try to get it out, the technicality of it all damned me, but the sound, the ability to manipulate it, pushed me through until the sound in my head was the sound of a room.  The piano was in the living room and I would play as I ran by,  dirty fingers and scabbed knees, with the boys.  The room had no carpet, so the sound carried, and if someone played, there was not a place in the house where you couldn't hear it clashing with Talk Radio or the afternoon television.  Over time I was tired of shouting with Johnathan over what got to be the loudest distraction.  He always won.  So overtime, I stopped playing.  When my mom asked me why, I lied and said I was bored of it.  But the music never stopped, not in my head.  And now that I'm stepping back into it, I want to fill every room with what I hear!


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